Fun Things to Do in Florence: a Vintage Fiat 500 Tour


There are endless fun things to do in Florence but those with a particular interest in vintage cars are seriously in luck. At Walkabout Florence, we offer a 4-hour Self-Drive Vintage Fiat 500 Tour, allowing car lovers and thrill seekers alike to feel like a true Italian and explore their surroundings in a completely unique way.

However you’re planning on spending your Italy holiday, this experience is bound to be one of the highlights. With our charming expert guides leading the way, you’ll feel totally secure in your Fiat and enjoy not only a driving experience, but a cultural one, too. So, if you’re looking for fun things to do in Florence, this should definitely make it onto your itinerary!

vintage fiat

All About the Fiat

This stylish car, known locally as ‘The Cinquecento’, was first launched in 1957 and has since become an iconic part of Italian culture. The original model was designed by Dante Giacosa, and the car immediately become popular thanks to its small, convenient size and low cost.

Over the years, the original vehicle has been reimagined numerous times, but the first model still remains as popular and as stylish as ever. The vintage cars you will be driving on your trip are beautifully restored and are a real tribute to Giacosa’s unique design.


Cruising around the busy local streets in one of these authentic cars is quite a unique experience, so if you’re on the hunt for fun things to do in Florence, you should definitely take advantage of our tour – you won’t regret it.

Our Vintage Fiat 500 Experience

We offer a range of fantastic experiences around Tuscany, but our Fiat 500 tour is one of our most unique, and of course, most popular. So popular, in fact, that we’ve received a huge number of five-star reviews on TripAdvisor from our guests, many of whom said the tour was the best part of their whole trip! If that’s not something to brag about, what is?

At a Glance:

  1. 4-hour tour
  2. €110 for a single car (driver only)
  3. €85 per person for multiple drivers
  4. Children ride free
  5. Food and wine included
  6. Drivers must be able to use stick shift gears

What to Expect

If you’re lucky enough to be heading off on our vintage car experience, you can expect a full day of fun, laughter and fabulous food and drink. You’ll begin by meeting your beautiful Fiat at a local garage – you’ll also find your friendly tour leader here. If you’re feeling a little nervous about driving around Italy, never fear, because your guide will give you a thorough demonstration and make sure everyone is feeling comfortable enough to head out onto the open road feeling like 60’s superstars.

Memories to Last a Lifetime

Once the group are buckled up and ready for the tour, you’ll start your engine and follow your guide through the region’s authentic, narrow streets. You’ll be in constant radio contact with your driver, so there’s no need to worry about falling behind the group or getting lost – they’ll always be on hand to help!


After a short drive you will leave the city streets and head to more rural surroundings for some breath-taking views across the Italian landscape. After you’ve made the most of the scenery and taken some snaps (both of the vistas and your stunning little Cinquecento), it’s time to explore and put on your history hats. First stop: one of the oldest churches in Tuscany.

After a short exploration of the church, you’ll hop back into your Fiat and continue the tour, complete with radio commentary, through the verdant hills, passing olive trees and beautiful villas along the way. What better way to feel like a true Italian?

After the Drive

Fun things to do in Florence almost always involve a little food and drink, so once you’ve had the thrill of driving the vintage cars it’s time to stop for refreshments. Sit back and relax on a private terrace overlooking the region’s picture-perfect landscapes while sampling Tuscan delicacies such as hams, cheeses and the famed Chianti wine. Finally, you’ll head back to your starting point – taking the scenic route, of course – and reminiscing about your fantastic day exploring the beauty of Italy, while driving one of the beauties of Italy!


"The highlight of our time in Florence!"

“This tour was so incredibly fun and the most unique way to see the city that we could have imagined. Our guide, Stefano, was so fun and engaging, we absolutely loved the experience he gave us. Can’t recommend this tour enough!”

5 stars on TripAdvisor, zlgarster

Fun things to do in Florence aren’t hard to find, but we know that holidaymakers all over the world have fallen head-over-heels for our Fiat experience – why not give it a go and see for yourself? If you’d like to know more before you take the plunge, or if you’d like to look into our range of other tours, simply get in touch with us via our website and before you know it, you’ll be packing your bags for your unforgettable Italy experience.

We Are Walkabout Florence

At Walkabout Florence, we make sure our tours give you something special every time. With our sky-high TripAdvisor ratings, knowledgeable team and expert tour guides, it’s no surprise that we offer some of the best Italy tours available. Whether you fancy sampling a taste of the region’s finest food and wine, exploring the historic landmarks or simply enjoying the views, we can guarantee the experience of a lifetime.

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